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The Swanage Railway Company is responsible for the day to day operation of the Swanage Railway.

All volunteers working on the railway are expected to comply with the Company's policies and procedures in the same way as the Company's employees.

The Company is controlled by its Board of Directors with the Company's General Manager responsible for the day to day management. The Board is responsible for appointing Directors. However since the Swanage Railway Trust holds all the voting shares in the Company, at least half of the Directors are always drawn from the Swanage Railway Trust's Council of Management.

The Swanage Railway Company is a Private Limited Company (registered number 1412568).

Swanage Railway Trust

The Swanage Railway Trust (SRT) is the registered charity (number 1087318) that controls the Swanage Railway via its trading subsidiary, the Swanage Railway Company (SRC).

The Swanage Railway Trust is the senior decision making body of the Swanage Railway with an election is held each Autumn to appoint the Directors. Most Swanage Railway Trust members are eligible to stand for election and to vote although employees of the Swanage Railway Company are not allowed to stand or be co-opted as Directors. The Board is commonly called the 'Council of Management' and its members serve a two year term.

The role of the SRT is to set the agenda for the Project through the Trust's policies and to perform a 'watching brief' over the day to day operations of the Company. Inevitably raising both funds and the profile of the Swanage Railway Project form a major part of the Trust's activities.

The Trust has a number of functional groups which are tasked with considering aspects of the Trust's operation and making recommendations to the full CoM. The links provide more information on these groups.

The Swanage Railway Trust is a registered charity (registered number 1087318) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (registered number 4115126).

The Swanage Railway Trust has its own dedicated website here.

You can support the Swanage Railway in many different ways:

By becoming a member

By supporting one of the fund raising projects

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By leaving a legacy or bequest