Travelling on our Trains

When travelling with us please remember that we operate Heritage locomotives and coaches with different safety features than those on the national rail network.

You are strongly advised not to stick your your head out of train door windows except when opening the door at station platforms.

The doors on our coaches have to be opened manually. For your own safety and that of others please do not open any door until the train has come to a complete stop at the station platform.

Some doors are kept locked for safety reasons and these will be indicated by a label on the window. Please move along the train and use another door that is available to open.

In the unlikely event that the door you want to get out of is not accommodated at the station platform, DO NOT OPEN IT – move along the train and use a door that you can get out of onto the station platform.

When boarding and alighting our trains please mind the step and any gap between the train and the platform. If you need assistance, our staff will be only too pleased to help. Remember to stand well away from the train on the platform and especially when it starts to move.

Heritage coaches are not fitted with air conditioning. Windows can be opened for ventilation, but it is advisable that during periods of hot weather you carry some bottled water with you.

Should an emergency arise whilst you are travelling on one of our trains, including if you feel unwell, please tell a member of our on-train staff immediately. The Guard can be found in the middle of the train and there is often a travelling ticket inspector as well. They will provide whatever assistance is necessary.

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