SR 2-6-0 N Class No. 31874

SR 2-6-0 N Class No. 31874
Loco in Brief
Type N Class
Constructed Ashford Works, September 1925
Shed allocations Exmouth Junction, Bricklayers Arms 1939, Eastleigh 1947
Withdrawn Exmouth Junction, March 1964
Left Barry Scrapyard March 1974
Operation in preservation Mid Hants Railway - 1977 to 1998
Current status Under overhaul on the Swanage Railway
What's unique about this locomotive? It’s the only surviving N class and the only surviving loco built at Woolwich Arsenal.


Class Particulars
Designer Richard Maunsell
Introduced 1917
Total Number in class 80
BR Power Classification 4MT /4P5FB
Cylinders 19" x 28"
Driving Wheel Diameter 5'6"
Boiler Pressure 200psi
Grate area 25sq ft
Tractive effort 26,035 lbs
Weight inc coal & water 103 tons 12cwt
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