6699 was built by the Southern Railway in October 1935 and was soon allocated to 2 car set 198 which was used on Waterloo - West of England and Waterloo-Swanage services, so it would have been a regular sight on the branch.  However, in 1960 there was a need for replacement 2 car push-pull sets for branch line work and 6699 was one of 20 similar brake composite carriages to be selected for conversion.  The brake and luggage end was modified to create a driving cab, so end windows were installed and the guards’ duckets were replaced by droplights. The driver was then able to control the locomotive regulator and brakes remotely via a pneumatic system.

These carriages were all paired with converted Maunsell open saloons to form the 2 car sets.

6699 is stored awaiting restoration along with 1323, one of the converted open saloons.  Thus we plan to recreate one of these iconic sets which could again be hauled by an M7 tank locomotive on the Swanage Railway.


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