We are delighted to announce our first run of our brand-new Class 121, DMMU Driver Experiences.

Swanage Railway are delighted to be offering customers the opportunity to experience driving one of our Resident Class 121 "Bubble Car'. 

Under the expert and friendly guidance of our drivers, participants will be given the opportunity to drive the 'Bubble Car'over our gradients between Norden Road Rail Interchange and the boundary with Network Rail

  • Drive One round trip.
  • Your experience lasts roughly 1/2 hour.

After the driver experience, participants will be presented with a Swanage Railway gift bag which includes a framed certificate, and a Swanage Railway Driver Experience mug.

Whether you are seeking the perfect present for a special someone who loves Class 121 as much as we do, or whether you’re looking for the chance of a lifetime, this experience is tailored to you. 

£150 per person.

Dates for DMMU Driving Experience

18th Apr 2024 SOLD OUT

TERMS And Conditions


Persons taking part in these events must:

i) be able to climb up to and down from the Locomotive cab unaided.

ii) be 18 years of age or older.

Iii) not be under the influence of alchohol or drugs

iv) not suffer from epilepsy, any intolerance to heat, or other illness which may create a dangerous situation to occur on the footplate.

v) must sign a declaration as part of the pre-travel briefing and listen to and comply with all instructions and directions given by the Locomotive crew and any other Authorised person.

vi) Overalls or clothing which you do not mind possibly getting grubby should be worn. Long trousers, long shirt sleeves and enclosed shoes (i.e. not sandals) are compulsory . If the person travelling possesses safety shoes or boots these are ideal, but not essential.

vii) Customers must check in at Norden Ticket Office at least 30 minutes before advertised departure time for safety briefing and introduction. Trains cannot be delayed for late arrivals. The Company will endeavour to move a late arrival to another departure, subject to space, but cannot guarantee such a space as these events generally sell out well in advance. The Company will not be liable for any loss as a result of a passenger arriving late.

The Swanage Railway reserves the right to subistuite alternate motive power.

All bookings are final, no refunds.

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